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Review Idiocracy (2006): If this movie does not scare you then you are forever doomed!


Yes, I know that this movie is meant as a comedy. And the humor is over the top. But the theme about people getting less intelligent in future time might not be so far fetched. I cannot say that it will happen, but if we don't take proper care of our educational system than this could be a possibility. I have noticed that some schools aren't teaching facts anymore. (Like history, geography, basic stuff). The focus is more on learning practical abilities. The theory behind most subjects may be boring but is essential in understanding how things work. In the movie there is this ridiculous example of people growing crops with Gatorade in stead of water! Well, we can laugh about it. But if you never been taught that water contains minerals necessary for plants to grow so how would you know. To me this is a scary notion. So now you understand why this subject isn't funny anymore. It could be that Mike Judge is making fun but at the same time is warning people for a real disaster if education doesn't improve fast. Am I taking this movie too seriously? Yes of course! To each his own fun. I loved Mike Judge's work (Beavis and Butthead and Office space). In these he was able to be critical and funny at the same time. In "Idiocracy" I missed this. Most of the events are too absurd and as I said earlier very scary. I do think if you are in the mood you will like this movie.

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