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Review Street Hawk (1985 / 13 episodes)

genre: action, crime

 Again proof that the Eighties were awesome!

Your read correctly. The Eighties were awesome. Knight Rider,The A-team, Miami Vice,Stingray, Airwolf, and much much more and then there was Street Hawk. It was great being a kid back then. Fantastic looking super vehicles that could do these amazing stunts, what is not to love about it. So yes of course this is pure nostalgia. Still, shows like these were proof that they were far more creative than they are in current days. Now I must admit that if you take out the eighties and purely look it as an action show then you will find it a bit bland. The stunts are not that impressive. But what wins you over right from the bat and what actually is one of the reasons the show has any kind of popularity is the soundtrack. Tangerine Dream simply makes this bland show in a ultra cool one. The best scenes are the scenes where the main character is cruising around or dealing with the bad guys while the theme is playing in the background. So don't go expecting something spectacular. But as lightweight crime shows goes this one has likeable characters and just enough action to keep you entertained.

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