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Review Assassination (1987): Probably the worst Bronson movie ever made.

genre: action, thriller

At first I liked the light tone. But soon it becomes annoying. Especially since there is no compensation for it. There are only a few action scenes and the ones that are there are incredibly dull. The intrigue is laughable. The plot and dialogue are beyond comprehension. The way the characters are talking to each other is like they are all in this big farce. Even Bronson doesn't put in the time to make something of it. While the interaction between Charlie and Jill certainly can be seen as a highlight it simply didn't do it for me. (One reason this is a thing could have to do with the fact that Jill Ireland was the wife of Charles Bronson,) Come on I don't want Charles Bronson to deliver comical lines. (In one scene he calls sex the other stuff. His way of turning down sex with a hot colleague (Jan Gan Boyd) of his. Come on, how is it realistic for a single man to turn down advances like these?) I want him to shoot up the place and kick some booty. Which he barely did. Probably the worst Bronson movie ever made. 

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