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Review Real Men (1987)

genre: comedy, spy, action

So yes the whole concept of the movie is ridiculous. But that is the whole point. This movie is to make you laugh. If you take this seriously then of course you are not going to like it. If you are willing to let you surrender to the absurdity then you will find that this movie has more to offer than comedy alone. For one thing there are some very nice action sequences in this.Then there is the buddy factor.Jim Belushi and John Ritter make a great pair and are the main reason to keep you watching. Now last but not least it is Jim (James) Belushi. Somehow James Belushi always gets underrated. Sure he does a lot of comedies but those do fit more with his acting style. However he can do so much more. In Real Men he actually is quite convincing as the ultra suave super spy. He is very likeable and funnily enough not that goofy as he is in his later movies.Do yourself a favour and give this a try. You won't regret it.

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