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Review Cold Prey 2 a.k.a. Fritt vilt II (2008): Now this is how sequels should be!

genre: horror, slasher

Now this is how sequels should be. Holding on to the suspense and tension of the original and at the same time building and expanding on that premise. Continuing the story where it left off and not wasting too much time on previous events. For people who haven't seen the original enough is revealed to give an idea of what happened. Although I do recommend to check out the original since it is an excellent slasher and will give you insight of what our main character Jannicke had to endure and overcome. Like the original a lot of the events are predictable but remain enjoyable nonetheless. That is because our main character is very likeable. In this part she has become immensely bad ass. She doesn't hesitate to come in action against the killer. Which is simply a joy to watch. In this part we do learn a little more about the killer a.k.a. The abominable snowman. He is huge and as terrifying as ever. Once he starts killing he doesn't stop unless there is no one left to kill or is interrupted. It is revealed that there was something seriously wrong with the man the minute he came into the world. Suggesting that he is like a Norwegian version of Jason. For the record that is a good thing. Add to that that the killer doesn't speak at all. So you are in for a treat when he starts his killing spree. One complaint that could be made is that the movie is over too soon. Cold Prey 2 is a worthy sequel that delivers. Certainly worth your time. 

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