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Review Bad Dreams (1988): Underrated Nightmare on Elm Street rip off!

genre: horror, thriller

Bad Dreams is a very underrated horror movie. And that is quite the understatement since I never heard of it until I saw it mentioned on another website. The initial premise does sound like it is a rip off  of Nightmare on Elm Street. However without spoiling I can tell you that there is a twist to that premise that makes it different, exceptional and even improves on the original story. Bad Dreams floats in between cheesiness and seriousness so effectively that I honestly can't understand why this title never took off. It has everything that one expects from a horror movie. Good build up in thrills and suspense, interesting characters, alternating between reality and dreams so seamlessly that you don't know what to expect which makes it incredibly engaging for the viewer. And last but not least there is a relative high body count with creative deaths that on occasion are very bloody and gory. Visually this movie is very stylish and simply gorgeous (but that could be nostalgia speaking for you since this is an eighties product after all). Definitely a movie that is worth your time and will exceed expectations.

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