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Review Some guy who kills people (2011): Not exactly what you would expect but enjoyable.

genre: comedy, horror/slasher

The title says it all. And yet it is a little misleading. There is a guy who is killing people in gruesome ways. In one scene it's so over the top it becomes hilarious. This scene alone made me look forward to the rest of the movie. "Let the horror begin". Then the pace and theme changes and it all becomes serious. Bullying is addressed without mentioning or discussed in detail. But it is implied that it is the cause of the killings. One of the main themes is the main character reconnecting with his 11 year old daughter. This is easily the best part in the movie only it doesn't mix well with the slasher elements. The lighter tone that was prevalent in the first part of the movie is almost non existent in the second half and might be off putting for the ones expecting mayhem and silliness. While I appreciated the underlying themes and blending of genres it was not what I expected this movie to be. Which must have been the director's goal since he tries very hard to blend genres without actually belonging to any of them. In my opinion that is not a good thing. The slasher genre is one that lends itself to be combined with different genres. Only it's one where some rules have to be regarded in order to remain interesting and entertaining. The minute the slasher elements are downplayed you have to come up with something really good and brilliant to compensate the lack of. And I personally felt it failed to do that. But I have read reviews that they found it surprising and refreshing. I must confess that I enjoyed this movie quite a lot especially because of the acting. The interactions between the main character and his daughter are sweet and endearing. Only it was not something I wanted to see. I personally wanted more over the top killings and mayhem (Don't worry this lust for blood is limited to movies alone). So when watching this movie it comes down being able to be flexible and not expect it to follow convention.


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