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Review Switch (2011): An excellent action thriller if you let it!

genre: thriller, action

Switch is an excellent action thriller if you let it. Like in most movies of this genre it is asked of you to suspend disbelief. In this case more than once. There will be events that will come off as ridiculous and illogical to the point that it becomes laughable. But if you manage to overlook that then the movie will reward you with a magnificent viewing experience. Switch takes it easy setting up the situation Sophie Malaterre, our main character finds herself in. On a tip of someone she barely knows she signs up for this site switch.com specialized in home swapping or home exchange. An alternative whereby two parties agree to swap houses for their stay. Not my cup of tea. But I have heard of people doing this. (I do think that after seeing this movie some might change their mind, very hard evil laughter, sorry could not help it!). Any way she signs up and soon she found a match of a house in Paris. Naturally Sophie is sold. Once arrrived the viewer can feel her pleasure and delight of being in that wonderful city. Good acting on part of actress Karin Vanasse. Until this euphoria turns into one big nightmare. Every step of the way we will feel sympathy for her. Especially when (like always in the movies) nobody seems to believe her. What would you do in a situation like that? This is what Switch mostly is focused on. From this moment it is one thrilling moment after another. Then there is Eric Cantona as the cop who manage to portray a cop who shows intelligence at points. Which I found refreshing since I can't stand stupid cops in movies. Not to say that you won't be annoyed by these ones but at least one of the bunch is likable. What more do I need to tell you to convince you that this thriller is worth your time. Let's see. Did I mention that Jean Christophe Grange wrote the script. The man who wrote the novel Les rivières pourpres (The Crimson Rivers) that got made into the brilliant thriller with the same title starring Jean Reno and Vincent Cassel. Need I say more. A must watch! 

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