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Review Mirror Mirror (2012): Tarsem not doing his thing.

genre: fantasy, comedy

Mirror Mirror was a movie I was looking forward too. Tarsem Singh and the old fairy tale seemed like a match made in heaven. Only everything what I loved about Tarsem Singhs visual style was severely lacking. It was like he decided to tone down when the story demanded for the extravagance he is known for. Whatever the reason it completely baffles me. Especially since the narrative is almost non existent. There was not a single redeeming factor in build up or plot. It was so bad that I even dozed off at one point. When I woke up Mirror Mirror was still playing but it did not seem like I really missed something. That can't be a good thing. Still for the off chance that I did. I decided to give it another shot. I really tried hard to enjoy it but simply could not since there is nothing there. It felt like they were going for a comedic approach much in the vain of The Princess Bride. Which is commendable. Only the humor was so weak that it was not even on the level of those bad parody movies like Epic Movie. Then out of the blue at the end we get a Bollywood style musical number that actually is fun but even more puzzling and infuriating since these three minutes are so much more interesting than everything I had seen thus far in the entire movie. Now I must admit that I was charmed by Lily Collins and enjoyed her intermezzos with the dwarves. Also Julia Roberts was quite pleasant as the villain. Sadly it's not enough. A fairy tale like this screams for extreme silliness and over the top events or sequences. Something that Tarsem can deliver with ease. So why didn't he? Overall: Avoid this one!

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