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Review The Woman in Black (2012): Old school horror goodness!

genre: horror

Is there life after Harry Potter? Yes, there is! Daniel Radcliffe holds his own in this serious Horror (Hammer) production. At first it was a little difficult to imagine Daniel as a  widowed father. (Well, you know you have to get rid of everything Harry Potter. Is it even fair of me to link him to that franchise still?) But a few minutes into the story and you will get used to it. Because Daniel Radcliffe proves he is a phenomenal actor and probably can play anything he like. The Woman in Black delivers on everything you want from a Gothic horror when it comes to build up in thrills and creepiness. There are quite a few scares. And all of them are effective. Even when the set up of most of those scenes are predictable.You know something is about to happen yet you will jump up anyway when it does happen. The ending is quite strong. Only maybe not that surprising to horror fans. It does differ from the book significantly. And from what I can deduct (have not read the book but thank god for wikipedia) has a much better ending. Certainly worth your time!
This film has spawned a sequel called The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death (2014). As promising as that title might sound it is nothing like the original with Daniel Radcliffe. I tried watching it three times and the first two times I fell asleep around the same exact moment. The third time I managed to stay awake but honestly I can't remember a single thing of what was going on in that film. It's not a good film ladies and gentlemen. One day I will give this a proper review but for now avoid this horrible sequel.

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