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Review Darksiders (xbox 360): Old school adventure with some new mechanics similar to Legacy of Kain!

Darksiders is far too underrated in my opinion. It simply is a great game. Very unjustly compared to God of War. Yes, it uses elements first introduced in Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time and a game called Portal. And it does has some combat a la God of War in it. (Personally it seemed to have much in common with Legacy of Kain:Soul of the Reaver. More puzzle based and that the new skills you gain actually have to be used in solving the puzzles and combat). So what? More important should be how these elements fit into game and if they fit at all. And yes, it does. My two small complaints are that: 1. The last boss fights in the game are laughable compared to some of the previous bosses and 2. There is barely any re playability after finishing the game apart from doing the more difficult levels. The New Game + option doesn't include the gained skills and weapons you worked so hard for in the first game. And that is a missed opportunity. But honestly that is nitpicking. If you take the time to grind and go for all the items, skills and equipment in the game than it has a length of over 40 hours. I personally took my time and easily doubled those hours since it was so much fun to play as War. Which is more than your money's worth. Certainly compared to most next gen titles that only offer 8 hours or so. Being War was awesome. But how would it be like to play as Death! Which will happen in the sequel. Must be phenomenal. Can't wait!
Edit: 08-07-2015
I did play Darksiders 2 two years ago and have yet to write a full review for it but now having played both I can say that the original Darksiders is the superior one.

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