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Review The Muppets (2011)

genre: comedy

Nostalgia Galore. This latest adventure is a tribute and at the same time proof that old fashioned wholesome fun is still enough to make a beautiful and magical movie. The Muppets is fun for the adults and kids. Although adults will have slightly more fun because of their trip down memory lane. And to think I feared this movie not living up to expectations. Rest assured this production is easily one of the best Muppet movies in the franchise. What more need I to tell you? Well, I don't know how she did it but Miss Piggy looked even more sexy than before. How on earth Kermit could turn down marriage with her is beyond me. But seems like Kermit the Frog has finally stepped up. A must watch! Also check out the Two Muppets trailer. It is one that shows how it's done. To tease and motivate you into wanting to watch a movie without spoiling anything. 

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