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Review Black Moon Rising (1986)

genre: action, crime, heist, 

So I was in the mood for a good old fashioned eighties actioner. I remember having seen this movie on television at a young age and that I was impressed by it. For some reason I only could remember the super car. Figure that! Even when the car named Black Moon will remind most of Kitt in the very famous Knight Rider series this movie is not about some super car fighting crime. Although it does play a little but important part because main character, some ex spy or special ops guy turned thief (we aren't told but it is implied) portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones puts an item in the car which he has to retrieve. And of course the retrieving part is made difficult. How exactly? Well, that is part of the fun, not going to tell. All I can say it involves Linda Hamilton. Now Tommy Lee Jones has to pull of a seemingly impossible heist. Never fear, this is Tommy Lee we are talking about. The switching between genres like this was so very Eighties. You went in to watch a simple action movie and got in return so much more. Black Moon Rising has an incredible fast pace, it's full of thrills, ridiculous stunts and has good actors who take their material serious even while they know they shouldn't. And last but not least the story is written by the John Carpenter. And it works. If  you haven't seen this movie and are tired of the contemporary ones then go look for this movie and watch it. You won't regret it. Hail the Eighties!

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