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My thoughts on L.A. Noir: Will satisfy your need for old school adventuring!

genre: adventure, action

At first I was extremely overwhelmed by the visuals. It certainly is a major highpoint of the game. After hearing how unique the game play was I could not wait to get my hands on it. But when playing I can't but help feel that the whole concept is not so new and unique. In fact it is basically a point and click adventure game with a few action sequences thrown in it. Solving the cases was very fun to do although at a certain point I could not get myself motivated enough to play the game further. Yet I pushed on. That there is no real freedom within the city is not that big of deal for me. My biggest complaint is how the main story and the cases play out. The interrogations or interviews for example. While it certainly is an accomplishment to be able to see if someone is lying or not. It never really offered anything extra in making your case. Since most of the time it was required to ask a certain question that even knowing that they were telling the truth would have you to see it is as a lie anyway. The game forces you to charge innocents even when the evidence says otherwise. Also getting the correct answers or not have no real consequences. Since the story will always end the same. Multiple endings would have been really welcome here. It is a real mystery to me why the most interesting storyline finishes halfway the game. Because after that I sort of lost interest. Not going to say which one. But the ones who played the game will know what I am talking about. It would have made a much stronger ending as well. The ambiance in this game was mesmerizing. It really felt like being in the 1940's. In that aspect it reminded me so much of an underrated adventure game called Black Dahlia (1998). Which story wise is superior to that of L.A. Noire. Still I enjoyed playing the game and do hope they will make a franchise of this game. Since it did satisfy my need for old school adventuring.  

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