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Review The Double (2011): Keep expectations low on all levels in order to enjoy it!

genre: thriller, action

This isn't your thinking man spy movie. Here it relies more on action and some surprises. And some nice surprises I might add. It has a nice pace and it will entertain more than enough. But it could have been so much better. The most essential criticism is that The Double lacks proper build up. One of the major surprises is revealed much too quickly. Which for me spoiled a lot of the fun too early on. It is fair to say that I did lose interest a little because of this. Although I did suspect that the director must have had a good reason to do so if he was that confident. And while there were reasons (plot wise) I still think this reveal was a bad idea. In my opinion one should always try to keep the viewer in suspense until it has served it's purpose. And in this case it only would have benefited the story more if it did. Especially with the average action scenes and lack of characterization and drama. One tip though which is something I have learned to accept. Avoid watching trailers, at least when it comes to movies that rely on suspense and twists. Long gone are the days that a trailer is made to tease and draw you to a movie without revealing anything. I don't know what it is with these people making them. But to spoil a movie before someone has watched is always a bad idea. Honestly sometimes you just have to watch a trailer to know exactly what is going to happen.What would be the point to watch the full movie? So as I understand one twist is revealed in the trailer. Which I luckily did not see. Otherwise I might have not even watched this. Overall this is a decent and entertaining production for which you have to keep expectations low on all levels in order to enjoy it.

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