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Review 10.000 bullets (ps2): Proof that gameplay alone will make it worth your time!

genre: action, adventure, third-person shooter

Obviously, this isn't a big budget title. But is it worth your time? I dare to say yes. But not for the story line or the graphics. Because that is simply negligible. 

We are talking about game play here. However, it does require of you to love one game play element that has been used in many games, of which only a couple of them used in a good way. Bullet Time! 10.000 Bullets is all about Bullet Time! And used in a good way. In this game you really need it since the game is very hard. You will be forced to play on lower difficulties to learn the game mechanics. And once you do, you will play the harder levels. Why? Because it so much fun. After finishing the game, you will unlock new characters. And these characters all have their own unique style, even increasing the difficulty level. For me, it was most fun to play as the main character Crow. He has this special ability (guess what it is?) and is out for revenge. Crow could be seen as a low budget fusion of Neo from Path of Neo  and Max Payne. Only that avoiding and jumping works much better as in Path of Neo. The level design and the enemies are incredibly plain looking. But honestly, you won't care. Once you get a feel for controlling Crow, you will be blasting away slowmo style and having fun. And isn't that what it is all about? There are other characters you can play as eventually and each of them have their own unique abilities. One of them is Dragon, who is clearly meant as Bruce Lee clone. As you might have guessed he doesn't use guns but his fists and legs instead. Imagine doing Jeet Kune Do in slow motion. 

Who cares about low budget and if the game looks dated and unpolished? This is an extremely fun game that will have you sweet and entertained for many hours. So do check it out if you manage to get a hold of it.

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