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A few thoughts on Social Networking

While I understand that social networking is not quite the same as the real world. People do expect the same conduct and morals that are applied in real life. Nothing wrong with this notion. However I do think that some people have to realize that because of the anonymity on these networks people allow themselves some freedom in saying certain things they normally would not say in real life. Still there are more than enough people who are capable of being civil and decent. 

The problems I encountered when talking to people on these social networks is that a lot of times people can't distinguish a mature conversation from a juvenile one. With some there is too much focus on words instead of the context or content of what is said. Or without hearing the emotion behind it something essential and sincere can get lost. Miscommunication on these networks is very easy to accomplish but very hard to correct since most of the time people aren't willing to put in the effort they would put in real relationships.

My biggest problem with some people on these sites is the fact that they misrepresent their intentions. For example they say they want to learn about other cultures and often think of themselves that they are pretty open. Many times these intentions turn out to be false. Granted you have to start the conversation somewhere. But why not state your real intentions beforehand so that no time gets lost and wasted. In cases when people are genuine other problems seem to pop up. Words like open minded and bubbly (how I dislike this word with a passion) get thrown around by some to characterize themselves. I don't want to generalize people. But if people resort to using terms like bubbly then that is one hell of a red flag. Because most of the time it's a lie. Don't you think someone will find out what kind of personality you have by talking to you? Whether it is online or offline that does not matter much. Your personality is not something you can hide. It shines through no matter how hard you lie about it. Now I do understand that for some people it is easier to take on a role. Still it's better to be honest about who you are and where you come from. No one likes to be surprised. 

People calling themselves open minded sometimes also should be taken with a grain of salt. In my experience there are many people who seem to think they are but in reality are quite the opposite. When you confront them with this truth they will deny this claim and keep believing what they want to believe. If you ask me that is quite sad. If you really want to come closer to people you should first acknowledge some truths about yourself. This way it will be easier to come to an understanding with someone who thinks differently. 

 You can't hide your personality "

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