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Review Hall Pass (2011): Below average comedy

genre: comedy

The premise in itself sounded cool and could have delivered a no holds barred comedy extravaganza. What we get is a movie that on occasion is funny and has gross out moments that were far from the ones in earlier movies of the Farrelly brothers. At least those were funny. In here they were just disgusting. So much could have been done with the concept. But in stead they chose the easiest way out. One scene shows one of the leads masturbating in a car in front of his house. (Yes, people these are the things you can expect in this movie). Like anybody would ever do that so openly. Of course it is funny when he is found out. For just two or three seconds. There are two or three more of these ridiculous scenes meant to shock us. While I think one scene in particular will be debated on a lot it has nothing to do with the main premise. So in my opinion pretty useless. Below average comedy for me. Give this one a miss!

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