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Review The Ward (2010): Carpenter doesn't disappoint!

genre: horror

Carpenter doesn't disappoint. So far he never has. That already must count for something. "The Ward" is never boring. But isn't always that scary. There are just enough jump out moments to give the impression that it does. It depends what you are used to watching. If you are an avid horror fan then this won't scare you. For casual viewers this will be a blast.This applies to the story as well.Especially the conclusion. Avid horror fans will have seen it done many times already.Casual viewers might even be shocked.Although I must admit,that even a huge fan like me did not see it coming.The viewer is fooled. In this case that is a good thing. The highlight in "The Ward" is certainly Amber Heard. Talk about girl power. She is though as nails and we love her for it. She is definitely not your typical Scream Queen. People who love John Carpenter might have expected more fireworks but give the man a break,he has made quite a few masterpieces already.Besides, even the worst of Carpenter can be compared to the best of contemporary horror movies. Very entertaining movie!

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