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Review Mr. and Mrs.Incredible (2011)

genre: action, comedy, martial arts, super hero

Sure the main characters happen to be super heroes. But in essence they are as human as can be. It is fun to see the couple romancing each other. And for once this is a production very light on drama. That would just ruin the overall vibe. The visuals are nice and certainly the highlight of the movie. No matter where you look it is one nice image after another. Why not? Not all movies have to be about something to be enjoyed. The comedy also is light so it won't make you laugh all the time. But there are enough scenes that are recognizable which makes it all very adorable. Also the pacing is not what you would expect from a movie containing super heroes. People expecting some decent action will get their money's worth. But most action scenes are very short and they only are there to put another spin on the romantic plot. Overall a very entertaining experience. 

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