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Review Rango (2011): A fully fledged western that has everything and more of that genre.

genre: animation, action, western, comedy

Let's get this straight. Just to avoid confusion. While this had goofy looking characters and it is a CGI animation movie. This is not a kids movie. There is so much going on in Rango that definitely won't make sense to them. In essence Rango (obviously a Parody on Django) is a spaghetti western. Only now the lead is a chameleon voiced by Johnny Depp. Rango is filled with funny and slapstick moments. But it also has some real serious sequences. This is the surprising element that should not work and still it does. Trying to explain them will be difficult cause most of those scenes are very visual without dialog. Describing it won't do justice to them any way. People familiar with Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy will recognize Gore Verbinski's style. It simply is his best movie yet to date. Even better than the first POTC movie? In my opinion yes. You can clearly see that a lot of work and love is put into it. For movie fans there are references throughout. One that really stands out is an epic scene involving a man with no name and a golf cart. Ultimate coolness. Don't make the mistake comparing this to CGI movies like Ice Age, Kungfu Panda or similar. Approach it like it is fully fledged western that has everything and more of that genre. If you get past that than you will have the pleasure to see one of the most funny and entertaining movies made this year. A must watch!

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