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Review Jolt (2021) and Review Those Who Wish Me Dead (2021)

genre: action, comedy, crime

Jolt is what you call a high concept film. Our main character, Lindy, played by Kate Beckinsale, has a condition. She gets furious when triggered. Most people can relate to this. The difference is that she will beat up people very badly, and she doesn't really want to do that.

She tried everything, and only one thing has helped her so far. A vest with a shock system built in. Whenever she feels overwhelmed (which is often) she will push the button and shock herself. Without this vest, she is like a ticking time bomb. Next to this, she also has learnt some skills in the military because for some reason they thought that would help her. They thought wrong. In a way, Lindy is very deadly.

I loved this concept and certainly was one of the things that provided the fun. But it is Kate Beckinsale who increases the fun because she does seem to be enjoying herself immensely. It's a real blast to see her explode and teach people some manners. However, I had hoped that the action would have been cranked up a bit towards the end. Instead, it dialled down the action and focused on the intrigue. While I liked the (pretty predictable) twist, I wasn't watching this film for its plot. The finale lend itself for some gun play, for example. To me, that really would have completed this film. But I guess that would have required some investments into proper choreography and stunt work. Now it's mostly dirty fighting and quick cuts.

I had a good time, it definitely is fun while it lasts, but I can't help but feel that it could have been so much more. Perhaps that will happen in the sequel if they decide to make it.

genre: crime, action, thriller

Those Who Wish Me Dead is a very predictable action thriller. You just know how it will play out right from the start. There are no twists and turns to speak of and you don't really get to know the aftermath for the victims involved. It doesn't really matter.

It's all about the action and spectacle experienced through four pivotal characters. Connor, a young boy who is on the run after his father gets brutally murdered. Hannah, a traumatized smoke jumper played by Angelina Jolie. Ethan, the local sheriff played by Jorn Bernthal and last but not least, Allison, who is the pregnant wife of Jorn Bernthal who also is a survivalist. Alisson is the most fun because she is a real badass. So much more than Jolie, who for some reason doesn't do as much as she used to. Sure, she gets hurt plenty, but she doesn't dish out the pain until very late. Perhaps some find enjoyment, in people being in pain. I don't really like it. The only time I appreciate such a thing if that makes events more compelling. Here it just feels incredibly artificial. There are two dangers lurking in this film, two hitmen played by Aiden Gillen and Nicholas Hoult. An interesting choice, since they don't exactly look menacing. But what they lack in fierceness they make up with their efficiency and adequacy, since they in general are incredibly deadly.

Look, if you were expecting high grade action and thrills, you won't get that here. But it is decent enough while the film lasts. I would say this film is perfect for a rainy day, Sunday or very late at night. You aren't really asked to be invested in the plot. The only reason you will is because of the cast. They do a good enough job for you to take things seriously. 

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