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Review X-Men (2000): As an introduction it's adequate!

genre: comic book adaptation, science fiction, action, adventure

Back in 2000, this was one of the better comic book adaptations that had come out. And I do remember liking it very much. Now after many years I decided to watch the 4K Blu-ray version that I recently have purchased. So what do I think now?

Let me first start by saying that I was more curious about the quality of the 4K Blu-ray than the film itself. Although I had expected the film to be more spectacular and action-packed. I have to admit that I was in denial about this film. Because I do recollect that even back then I was a little disappointed how underwhelming the viewing experience was. It was nothing like the comics nor the cartoon. In fact, the cartoon, even today, is far superior to any of the live action adaptations. Anyway, like it is stated by many cinephiles, the 4K Blu-ray definitely delivers on a crisp and sharp image. It's almost close to looking like a film made recently. Obviously, you can tell that because of the pacing and special effects, it is an older film. To be fair though, for the time the CGI is top-notch, so it will never feel like that they look bad or anything. Sometimes colours will pop in certain scenes, but don't expect to be wowed HDR wise. Some reviewers have been complaining about the audio, but there is nothing wrong with it. I myself always use headphones and I was just as immersed as if I would have been in the cinema.

The story of this first part in the trilogy is a bit of a letdown. While the overall spirit of the X-Men is present, a lot of iconic characters have been altered quite a lot. Rogue is a teenager now who very rarely gets into action. She has the same role as Jubilee did in the cartoon. Bobby Drake, Iceman, also has been turned into a teenager. He is supposed to be one of the original X-Men. Professor Charles Xavier seems to be a lot weaker than in the comic books. If I am not mistaken, he had the ability to reach multiple people's minds without Cerebro. In the film, it looks like he is very dependent on it, which was never the case. Mystique should be just as old as Xavier, and in the comic books is Rogue's stepmom. I am very aware that films and comic books are two different mediums and that often it is required to change up things to be more cinematic. However, in this case, the origin stories are vastly more compelling and interesting compared to the ones in the film. Actually, there are no origin stories in the film. Nor is there much character development. It's the sole reason I was quite bored at one point.

As in introduction to the X-Men, it's adequate. But it could and should have been much better. I am glad that the X-Men have returned to Marvel films, and it looks like that they are finally going to be part of the MCU. Starting with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022). Can't wait for that to happen!

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