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Review Touch and Go a.k.a. Point of No Return Cantonese a.k.a. Yat Juk Jik Faat (1991): Want to know about your breeding qualities then check out this film!

genre: action, drama

Sammo Hung in a Ringo Lam film could have been real interesting. Sammo more than Jackie Chan favours to be in films where events are quite gruesome and gritty. A serious Sammo usually is a force to be reckoned with.

Unfortunately both Sammo Hung and Ringo Lam let us down. Apart from some gritty scenes the overall tone of the film is a comedic one that at times is welcome but often feels out of place. Sammo as the good man who is trying to be righteous learns the hard way that real life doesn't always appreciate that. Especially when he and cop Pitt are confronted with heavy corruption within the police force. Even when something like this is done to death I would have liked it had they made good use of this corruption angle. Instead there seems to be a lot of focus keeping the mother of Fat Goose happy. How exactly? Apparently like every mother she can't wait for her son to give her grandkinds. So she is very critical of his girlfriends and their breeding qualities. This is how it was translated in the film. Imagine had this film been made today? It's a hilarious scene for sure but completely detracts from the super serious event where Fat Goose has witnessed a murder. But the murderer is let go because of some technical issue the lawyer came up with. Not surprising since this lawyer seems to be ringleader of the criminal organization this murderer, called God of Hell, is part of. 

There is some action but very disappointing compared to what Ringo Lam and Sammo Hung usually deliver. It's the sole reason why I was watching this film in the first place. The little action that is present is decent enough but nowhere near as impressive or exciting. It's like they were trying real hard to have Sammo portray an everyday person. But let's face it there is nothing normal about him. They way he moves and fights is extraordinary. Ringo could and should have let him loose. I get that it perhaps doesn't make sense for him to be a Kungfu master. Then why not have him shoot guns? There were more than enough situations where guns would have been more effective than the hand to hand combat. 

Touch and Go won't feel like a waste of time but it's not one I can recommend either. Pretty average!

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