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Review Snatch (2002): A Guy Ritchie classic!

genre: comedy, crime, classic

Snatch is one of those films where there isn't one lead but where almost each character have a prominent role. And all of these characters get sucked into events surrounding an 86-carat diamond knowingly and unknowingly.

Basically it's a slapstick comedy but with pretty bloody and gruesome violence thrown into the mix. While a lot of events are genuinely funny there are also quite a few moments that could be considered sad and tragic. The plot is very simple but the way it unfolds is pretty compelling. Guy Ritchie uses all the tricks in the book to make slow scenes energetic and kinetic. In combination with the music these scenes do put you on the edge of your seat. But contrary to Ritchie's debut Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Snatch is completely devoid of characters to root for. Most of them aren't that likable however actors like Statham and Brad Pitt possess the kind of charm you can't get around even if they are playing pricks. Still it would have been nice if there were some good characters in the film to balance things out a little. As much as I like Jason Statham, he was pretty useless. It's that he is involved in a subplot but even then he doesn't really do much. I guess we are supposed to root for him but I didn't feel motivated to do that. I had sympathy for Mickey's mother since she was the one innocent person in the whole film. 

The reason why I checked out Snatch after all these years is the release on 4k UHD Blu-Ray. And it is safe to say that it's not one that is going to convert people into the magical world of 4K. Mind you that isn't the fault of the transfer but more of the style that is used by Ritchie. I guess he was going for a seventies gritty look. I thought it was far too dark. I therefore increased the brightness a little which made a real difference. Then I finally could see how clean and crisp the image was.

Overall this is easily one of the best that Guy Ritchie has made in his life.

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