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Filmography Ringo Lam

This list contains all the titles Ringo Lam ( 1983–2018) was involved in as a director, writer, producer, actor and stunt director. I have watched some of his films a long time ago but I will have to watch them again to review them properly. And some titles are hard to get a hold off. So do consider this a work in progress.

1976 You Are Wonderful (actor)
1983 Esprit d'amour (director. writer)
1984 The Other Side of Gentleman (director)
1985 Cupid One (director. writer)
1986 Aces Go Places IV (director)
1986 The Thirty Million Rush (stunt director)
1987 City on Fire (director, writer, producer)
1987 Prison on Fire (director, producer)
1988 The Eighth Happiness (actor)
1988 School on Fire (director. producer)
1989 Wild Search (director. producer)
1990 Undeclared War (director. producer)
1990 Rebel from China (writer)
1991 Touch and Go (director)
1991 Prison on Fire II (director)
1992 Twin Dragons (director, actor)
1992 Full Contact (director, producer)
1994 Burning Paradise (director)
1995 The Adventurers (director. writer)
1996 Maximum Risk (director)
1997 Full Alert  (director. writer)
1998 The Suspect  (director. writer)
1999 Victim  (director. writer)
1999 Simon Sez (producer)
2001 Replicant (director)
2003 Looking for Mr. Perfect (director. writer)
2003 In Hell (director)
2007 Triangle (director, producer)
2011 Tarantino: The Disciple Of Hong Kong (himself)
2015 Wild City (director, writer)
2016 Sky on Fire (director)

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