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Review The Suicide Squad (2021): Genuine crowd pleaser!

genre: comic book adaptation, super hero, action, adventure, comedy

When word came to me that James Gunn was attached to this project I can't hide that it made me happy. Apart from Brightburn almost everything this man touches is gold. And I am glad to state he did it again!

The Suicide Squad is what Suicide Squad without the The should have been. Fun and little different from the superhero films we have seen so far. I mean we are dealing with villains who are expendable. They are the bad guys as stated by Harley Quinn in the original. But that was exactly the problem with that film. They needed to say they were bad guys without actually showing they are. In this new part you can actually see for yourself why the members are different from heroes like Batman and why they are locked up. Now you do get to root for them eventually but that is understandable. You get to know them and what they are about. A whole lot more than in the original in less time. Mind you the overall runtime still is a little on the long side but far less noticeable. King Shark (voiced by Sylvester Stallone) is absolutely adorable. Although he does have the tendency to eat meat in whatever shape or form. He almost steals every scene he is in. Normally this should be grounds of concern. I mean whenever a CGI character outshines real life actors that usually isn't a good thing. However in this case it's just that he is more appealing because of his child like innocence. Idris Elba as Bloodsport feels very similar to Deadshot but seems to be a much better fit than Will Smith was. Probably because it is easier for Elba to play an anti-hero. 

Some people told me that The Suicide Squad is more a comedy than anything. And while I agree in a large part it is very much a comic book film with plenty of action. It might not be as choreographed or stylish as in most Marvel films but then again DC usually delivers on that front also. Except the violence is gory and gruesome. In this case it makes sense and seems to be very fitting. It's such a contrast to the big baddie who looks like a super size version of a character in SpongeBob. 

As far as I am concerned The Suicide Squad is a very pleasant viewing experience. Even Mrs. P loved it. She isn't a big fan of these types of films. And often she manages to even fall asleep during the most epic moments. Including that one moment in Avengers: Endgame. I mean honestly! Unfortunately it looks like it is not performing well in the box office. I won't go into reasons why but I want to make it clear that this doesn't reflect the quality of the film in any shape or form. It's just that many institutions and people still are clinging on old ways and are completely overlooking the fact that going to a cinema isn't as much fun it used to be. Especially when COVID-19 still is running rampant. 

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