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Review The Shepherd a.k.a. The Shepherd: Border Patrol (2008): Moderately decent!

genre: action, crime, martial arts

Even if Jean-Claude Van Damme has been stuck in Video on Demand hell for quite a while now you can't help but feel if it's really that impossible for him to do better.

The Shepherd is cursed with all the VOD elements you can think of. Low budget, poor story, awful pacing, bad acting. However the action is competent and entertaining in parts. Still it's never creative or exciting. It's just serviceable enough for late night film sessions and rainy Sundays. Also when I said the acting was bad that doesn't mean everyone was bad. Some actors were really good. Natalie J. Robb and Stephen Lord stood out from the crowd. I actually was convinced Natalie was a latina. Except she she is a hot blooded Scotswoman. Lord reminded me of Casey Siemaszko and did seem American. Only he is English. The contrast between their real accents and the ones they used in the film is huge. Van Damme should be ashamed that in all these years he still can't even talk with an American accent. I mean all his talk on focusing on acting and wanting to improve himself you would think that getting rid of his accent would be the main issue to tackle. Also don't expect that much from Scott Adkins. He is present but barely there. His fight with Van Damme is over before you know it and hardly memorable. It's a mystery to me why they hadn't made him the main baddie. We know he excels in playing villains. Now he was just the top goon. The story was stupid. Even a simple B flick needs a little more. Van Damme's character to be at the border is downright idiotic and smells of pretension. It's also very ironic that a very heavy drug user wants to make a political statement against drugs. Sure I understand the crusade. But he of all people should know that people like him is the main reason drugs is a popular commodity. 

If you happen to catch this on the tube you will be moderately entertained. But I can't honestly recommend this.

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