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Review Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019): I liked it better the second time I watched it!

genre: super hero, action, adventure, science fiction

The trailer kinda already spoiled that Spider-Man would be back. How and why of course would be revealed in Avengers: Endgame. Although they easily could have played it safe and made this take place in an alternative universe with an alternative Peter Parker / Spider-Man. But honestly that would really suck.

One of the strongest points is the effect and impact of The Infinity War on Peter and all the people who have been affected in some form or another. Peter for the most part is done with being a super hero. He just wants to experience life as a normal teen dealing with normal teen problems. Can you blame him? There are plenty of scenes where maybe in hindsight teen life is more complicayed which results in many comedic and amusing scenes. However I don't like that at the same time it makes him question his abilities and resolve. Of course he is a little blinded since he is still suffering from trauma and grief. So I didn't mind that much. Still how many times does he need to learn the lesson that with great power comes great responsibility?  

Mysterio never felt like a super compelling character to me since I have been introduced to him. The way he is portrayed in the film though does put an interesting spin on events. Still if you are familiar with Spider-Man and the comics it shouldn't come as a surprise how these events unfold eventually. I liked how they tied these events to existing people in the MCU even if that wasn't really necessary. These events BTW look gorgeous in the 4k ULTRA HD. It's one of the few discs where the HDR truly pops. I can't state this enough. It really enhances the viewing experience tenfold. 

Overall Spider-Man: Far from Home is a good conclusion to Phase Three. I hope Phase Four once started will be just as good or better! Especially since Spider-Man is now officially back with Marvel. Would be fun to watch him race with Human Torch from Fantastic Four or where he battles it out with a grumpy Wolverine.

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