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Review Love and Monsters (2020): Incredible fun!

genre: action, adventure, apocalyptic

Chances are this film completely passed you by. Blame the COVID-19 pandemic for that. Instead of being shown in theaters this film got released digitally. And honestly it's a real shame since this film deserves to be seen in the cinema.

Love and Monsters is one of those rare films that is dealing with grand topics yet feels independent and small. But make no mistake. Most of the time it's quite an epic film. Dylan O'Brien might not seem the logical choice to be the lead. However he has surpassed himself and actually manages to play a character who is immensely flawed but likable. Not that I ever though he was a bad actor. Still he has grown and that only benefits the viewing experience.

He is a bit of a dork at the start of the film but gradually grows into a character you can rely on. It's fun to follow him on his journey for sure. Especially since most people and creatures he gets confronted with seem to really like him. I got to tell you that I was immensely overwhelmed by the sincerity of this element. It's very touching and heartwarming to see this instead of the cynicism and dark tones so prevalent in similar films. One of the creatures is a dog named Boy. Boy is probably one of the sweetest and smartest dogs in film history. If he doesn't steal your heart then I don't know what will. 

What really surprised me was how it very masterfully combines heart, comedy and terror all into one neat package. Usually you have one element that stands out from the other. Not here. It's perfectly balanced. Also you will never notice any slow down or tedium. Every second matters but it never feels like events are rushed. Believe me these days that counts as a big plus. And maybe I am being a little too forward here but this does seem like a film you can watch over and over again. Naturally I will put this to the test soon enough. That being said this post-apocalyptic film might seem light and fun however it touches on essential themes without depressing you. If you have to be confronted with some truths than this is the way to do it. I can't state enough how intoxicating the optimism is of this film. But next to this you get real great monster action and wonderful performances by the whole cast.

Definitely a film you have to watch and own. Especially on 4K UHD HDR. The visuals are magnificent. 

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