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Review Primal (2019): How does Nic Cage keep ending up in these bad action flicks?

genre: action, thriller

After having viewed the first minute of the trailer I thought Primal might actually be fun. Unfortunately this is not the case. I am aware I should have known better. But thing is you never know with Nic. Color Out of Space was quite good so he might have picked a winner again.

And to be fair I don't think it is the fault of the cast members. But more the fault of bad and unimaginative writing and poor direction by Nick Powell. He does seem to have a good resume being a  stunt coordinator. You would think that at least action wise the film would be more solid. And it's here where the film truly fails. There are like a few skirmishes and some shooting. But to say that they action is exciting? I can overlook the average choreography when it comes to combat. What about the monster action? I mean a big white Jaguar is taken (by Nic's character) against his will and is not that happy about it. Surely he would express his dismay by at least dismembering a few people here and there. But for whatever reason director Nick Powell is more interested in the bad guy played by Kevin Durand who does his best to be the biggest dick ever. Kevin plays a psycho killer who also is not happy about being caught. So when he gets to escape he makes sure he is the only one getting off the ship. Now of course he would be perfect as prey for our disgruntled Jaguar. 

Only Nick Powell never even attempts to make this happen. What good is an angry Jaguar if you aren't going to use the creature? It's obvious that the Jaguar is fully CGI and that perhaps they didn't have the budget to show more of him. Although if he had followed horror 101 he would not have to. Just the threat of the tiger or glimpses of the creature would have been more effective.  Most of the viewing experience for Primal is saved by the cast since they do make things more interesting than they are. Still there are times they can't hide their disappointment of being in such a bad film.

Overall Primal is pretty bad but digestible because of Nic and the other cast members. But I can't and won't recommend it.

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