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Review Color Out of Space (2019): Lovecraft done right!

genre: horror, science fiction

Not so long ago Nicolas Cage was in a film called Mandy which seems to have some Lovecraftian elements in it. One could argue about whether that is the case or not. Most likely it inspired Nicolas Cage to go fully Lovecraftian. And what better way than to be in an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft himself.

Apart from the cosmic horror you get to watch and enjoy a Nicolas Cage who is invested and actually shows the different sides to him. Serious actor Cage who is calm, composed and in function of the story and there there is the maniacal and insane Cage who flips out due to random things. To be fair this film does throw events at him that would make any person go insane. Color Out of Space takes it time to build up the dread and horror but it never feels like it's slow. If you are familiar with my reviews one complaint that I state often is the long running time. Most films made these days are too drawn out. Let me be clear. I don't mind long films. As long as they are backed up with something that makes it worth your while. I am glad to report that this film has found the perfect balance when it comes to pacing and substance. In fact as far as I am concerned they could have easily added another hour and I would have loved every second of it.

Why? Because Color Out of Space is Lovecraftian horror done right. It has the increasing buildup of tension and dread accompanied by some truly weird and shocking body horror. Surprisingly it never goes over the top. I mean it certainly goes ballistic in parts yet remains constrained and tight in order to bring you genuine terror. I like how even when some characters are trying to explain events you are still pretty much left in the dark until you rewarded with THE reveal. Films of the genre and Lovecraft know what I am referring to. But if you have never been exposed to this. Then I can assure you that you would want to find out everything you can about Lovecraft and the mythology he has created. It's absolutely fascinating and awe inspiring. This is what Annihilation could have been had it not neglected to reward you.

Lovecraftian film done right with Nicolas Cage at his best. What more do you want? A must watch for sure!

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