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Review The Doorman (2020): Die Hard in a luxurious apartment building!

genre: die hard clones, action, thriller

Is there life after Batwoman? Apparently there is. Believe it or not Ruby Rose managed to snatch a role where she plays the John McClane role. Jean Reno plays a villain very similar to Hans Gruber. Only this is taking place in a luxurious apartment building and the loot consists of valuable paintings. 

First we get a taste if what Ali (Ruby Rose) is capable of. The action here looks promising so naturally I was psyched for what was to come. The events of this action sequence has her shaken up and she is forced to retire and find another job. Her uncle Pat has found something for her. One guess what it is. Coincidence also has it that her family happen to live in the same building. Uncle Pat thought it would be nice if she could reconnect with them. Ali is not really in the mood for that but caves after meeting her niece and nephew. Around the same time Ali is invited for dinner a group of thugs barge in and hold this old couple hostage. The leader played by Jean Reno doesn't waste time by asking about the paintings. Meanwhile Ali discovers something is off which starts the cat and mouse play between her and the thugs.

For the most part the action is pretty solid. But if you were expecting more Gun fu type of action like in the first action sequence you are going to be disappointed. It's mostly hand to hand combat which makes sense since most of the action takes place in close quarters. It's here were things get a little unbelievable as Ruby Rose is tiny and skinny. We see her grapple men twice her size without any problems. For me this wasn't hard to overlook. However it did take out the tension and it never felt like Ali was in real danger. Did these people even see Die Hard? John McClane got hurt almost every encounter with the bad guys. And still he continued. That is what made him a real hero.

I can't believe that director RyĆ»hei Kitamura was at the helm of this film. He knows how to do action properly and be creative. But he usually also has a very distinctive style. I couldn't detect this at all. Ruby Rose wasn't bad and I actually would watch more stuff with as long as it is believable. So most of the magic had to come from Jean Reno. He is very entertaining as the main villain. Everything else was average to decent and not really worth your time.

As an action flick The Doorman is decent but average. As a Die Hard clone it's pretty bad. So not one I can recommend to you!

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1 comment:

Steve said...

Everything they dressed her in was very loose and flowing - trying to disguise how spindly she is - but it doesn't really work. Between this and Vanquish hopefully they'll stop trying to make an action star out of her. In SAS: Red Notice she exhibited some chops as a villain but once again the hand to hand fight scenes against highly trained professional soldiers were totally unbelievable, particularly the last one against Sam Heughan.




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