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Review Rogue (2020): Flawed but decent B film with Megan Fox!

genre: action, adventure

I know what you are thinking? Megam Fox as a badass mercenary? I mean that requires a lot of suspension of disbelief. Especially with her more looking like an instagram model who has never seen combat in her life. And yet I was fascinated with the concept. That and the fact that Philip Winchester from Strike Back was involved. As is one of it's directors, M.J. Basset.

Rogue follows the trend of recent films and TV Shows where military combat plays a large role. And honestly I can't complain about the choreography and style. It's all very well done. I also liked how many of the characters infused the film with some wit and comedic relief. It made them extremely likable. But unfortunately it can't hide some flaws. The acting of some actors is below average. It also doesn't help that some of these actors are supposed to make us feel for them. I understand the political messages and I appreciate the good intentions. But then the acting has to at least be believable. 

What makes Rogue interesting is that at one point next to what they already experienced also have to deal with one exceptional creature. Mostly real eventually CGI. Not super bad but it's here where you can tell that the film had a low budget. Still it was never distracting or bothersome. For the most part the inclusion of this creature is entertaining. Although I think they should have gone further and make it even bloodier, gorier and scarier. So how did Megan Fox fare? She did fine. I was able to get past her not really being suitable for this kind of role. Not everybody has what it takes to be a good leader. I doubt in real life anyone would follow someone like Megan Fox. In the film it's implied she is a survivor and very hard to kill. Her leadership or authority is rarely challenged and that says more about the soldiers and the respect they have for military hierarchy.

In any case, I found myself enjoying this film, despite it's flaws. In my opinion it is very much worth your time. 


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