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Review Strike Back (2010 - 2015): A blend of 24, The Unit and Spooks full of spectacular action and thrills!

genre: action, thriller, espionage, drama

Strike Back is like a blend of 24, The Unit and Spooks. It has all the intrigue and thrills of those shows only with far more focus on action and eye candy.

While in the beginning this show seemed to go for realism it soon threw that overboard and went over the top which in this case worked out real well since most of the time I was sitting on the edge of my seat. Granted this show is a little too much on the fantastic side but as long as you realize that you will be able to enjoy it fully. One of the returning gimmicks is that main character Damien Scott almost has sex with the most beautiful women almost every episode. Because apparently he has the looks and charm that equal that of James Bond. He might not be bad looking but come on. Speaking of the women. The majority of the women are incredibly beautiful and capable just as the men are. The men Michael and Damien are nothing short of incredible and seem to be very efficient. The villains in this show also are quite ingenious and ambitious as they always have very big plans and schemes for world domination or it's destruction. As you might have noticed you can't take all of this very seriously. You really aren't supposed to. 

However despite the far fetched plots there is a lot of captivating drama going on since the show does it best to be unpredictable. Not to the extent of 24, still Strike Back is not afraid to kill off people. The action obviously will be the main draw and is very well choreographed. It really goes out of his way to put you in the middle of it and very rarely lets up.  I think all of the seasons are quite strong although you can notice some fatigue and loss of energy in the fifth and last season. I think the makers were aware that they could not go on without becoming boring, tedious and repetitive. So I am happy to report that this show ends strong and has a satisfying conclusion, (at least one I can live with). 

Overall if you have not watched this show so far and you like 24, The Unit and Spooks then you really have to go see this one as it is top notch all the way. One I can recommend wholeheartedly.

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