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Review Psych 2: Lassie Come Home (2020 TVMovie): I enjoyed it somewhat but it was extremely bad compared to the show!

genre: comedy, crime, drama

Before I am getting accused of being a hater. I loved the show. Even the later seasons who significantly decreased in quality and writing. Then the first TV Movie got made and I had hope it would return to form, Unfortunately it didn't. Then news hit me of second movie which was going to be extra special since it marked the return of Timothy Omundson who suffered a stroke in 2017. It was so bad that he had believed his career was over. But he fought back and came out a winner. 

Unfortunately apart from a few moments Lassie Come Home barely adresses his struggle. I think they should and could have done more with this and made it funnier and dramatic. Of course Shawn and Gus should have acted the way they normally do. But I think it would have had more impact had they at least shared one scene where they indicated their love for Lassiter in their own but heartfelt way. Even the rescue dog did a far better job evoking emotions. It's also puzzling why Lassiter who mostly serves as a plot device is not featured more prominently. I think this film could and should have been more about him and his father. They could have given us insight on how he became the man he is today in the same vein they did with Shawn and Henry. Most of those flashback scenes were hilarious. 

And that brings me to the comedy. The chemistry between Shawn and Gus is undeniable. They provide the most laughs. But am I the only one thinking something is missing? It just isn't the same as in the first four seasons of the show. I remember that back then I couldn't stop laughing. Now I almost couldn't start. There was only one character who stole the show for me. Morrissey the rescue dog. He was funny. Probably because he is the only one remembering how the show used to be.

So was the movie devoid of heartfelt moments? No, there were one or two that will definitely pull the heartstrings. But I wished they would have taken more time to pay attention to what actor Timothy has been through. Merely mentioning it and almost downplaying his condition is not what I call respectful or constructive. The mystery elements were even more of a joke than usual. Meaning that it was the most cringy and least interesting so far. It should have had more depth and connection to who Lassiter is. But basically they are pointing out that they could have put any other character in his shoes and it wouldn't have changed the outcome.

Overall the second movie is a complete disappointment. It could and should have been better. But if they keep making these films like this not even the biggest fans will be able to stomach them. Although some Psych fans clearly are delusional and fooling themselves. They are probably the reason these TV Movies exist in the first place. I would be on board had they reprised the quality of the show that once was. You know who did a better job of coming back and rocking it? Monk. And this was while cast members were at their own home in the current corona pandemic. Monk in Quarantine it's called. Go check it out if you haven't done so already. 

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