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Review Ava (2020): Jessica Chastain goes John Wick?

genre: action, crime, drama

Ava certainly could be seen as a film that copies some of the choreographed action heavily featured in John Wick. Mind you I actually would have liked it had the film been a non stop action flick with little or no story at all. Unfortunately Ava tries to be more and it hurts the film considerably.

At one point it becomes clear that Ava is an assassin with a conscience, in the same vein as La Femme Nikita or Anna. However she has no real plans to leave the job. Her atonement is trying to find out if the people she kills deserve to be killed. Neat idea. And if they actually had shown her to spare someone if they weren't that would have created a serious conflict with her superiors. At least something that would have made sense. But nope. Just the fact that she was talking to her victims put her bosses on the edge. I mean, what do they care if she does. She kills them nonetheless. Sure they do give some explanation why they are so worried. Apparently she had an episode once which turned her into an addict and made her unreliable. To be fair she was an addict when she got recruited. And they used that to their advantage. Her falling back into old habits is not that surprising considering she kills people for a living. That kind of thing will leave a mark on you. Our villain of the story played by Colin Farrel apparently doesn't want to take any risk with her.

Another story element is Ava reconnecting with her family. This introduces us to her ex played by Common who easily gives his worst performance ever. And am I supposed to believe that Jessica Chastain would ever be interested in a guy like that? Come on son! It was nice to see Geena Davis as Ava's mother. But honestly the whole family plot element could have been left out and wouldn't have made a difference. That's how disjointed the plot lines are. 

You might have guessed it. Ava is pretty bad. It's only digestible because of the involvement of Jessica Chastain, Geena Davis and John Malkovich. I wished I could say that Colin Farrel was good. Now don't get me wrong. He wasn't bad. But it's obvious he didn't even try. Not one I can recommend. Only worth it very late at night. 

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