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Review Cook up a Storm a.k.a. Jue zhan shi shen (2017): This makes Hell's Kitchen look like amateur hour!

genre: food porn, drama, feel good

Cook up a Storm is a little feel good film where the food and mostly preparing the food is the key to everything.

If you have seen the trailer then this might come across as one big cook contest between modern style cuisine which features molecular gastronomy and old school street cooking heavily featured in Hong Kong cuisine. But this might be a tad misleading. 

It's more about the main characters and their life goals. Both of them have their own issues to deal with and are put to the ultimate test when they are confronted with each other. Now that being said it never goes deep enough since it gets heavily distracted by the food porn. 

But my god it's a very welcome distraction. The way the food is presented in this film is magnificent. I almost could smell and taste the deliciousness that is displayed on the screen. Now some might say that there have been more films who did the same. That might be true. 

I do think that Cook up a Storm takes things to the next level. Apart from resonating with me in the traditional sense. Namely that food and in particular cooking food is an expression of love. It also manages to make everything more appealing to a broader audience with it's spectacle.

This film definitely is a must watch for foodies. It might be a little too light for everyone else. However if this film won't make you appreciate food then nothing will!

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