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Review Special Female Force a.k.a. Lat ging ba wong fa (2016): Beautiful women kicking ass! What's not to like?

genre: girls with guns, action, comedy, crime

Apparently Special Female Force is an unofficial remake of The Inspector Wears Skirts (1988). The similarities are obvious. But to be able to give you an in depth comparison I will have to watch the original again. It's been too long ago. That being said I do think that this remake starts out quite brutal and compelling.

It introduces you to some characters, quite cool and attractive ones. I mean real heartbreakers. But then the film does something really surprising which you will have to see for your self. Many years later we are introduced to other characters who want to join the police force. Most of them are quite juvenile and at first glance don't really seem to be suited for the job. Like in the original you will have to be prepared and endure comedic antics you either like or not. But honestly these moments were servicable and helped you get invested in the characters. For the most part though Special Female Force is a serious affair where the team of women have to fight and proof they have what it takes. There is one big dramatic scene that asks a lot of patience of the viewer. Still it's one that does help to make you root for these characters. And the film isn't afraid to show you what the dangers and risks are of the job. 

Now I do have to mention the fact that almost every scene involving the women could be perceived as voyeuristic and sexual. I mean most women are highly attractive and put into situations you would expect in softcore porn productions. Do I have a problem with this? Nope, not in the slightest. Actually I think it's one of the elements that makes this film enjoyable. Next to the action that is. Most of the action sequences are solid to good. In hindsight I think the opening scene is the most hardhitting and exciting but in the finale you also have a few good moments. What is problematic though is that there is a lack of coherent plot. I mean there is no real sense of urgency or tension. Except when the film demands it. With some scenes cut off and tighter direction Special Female Force could have been a classic.

Do you really expect me to say that this film is awful? Come on! Let's be real here. Not every film can be perfect or a masterpiece. Sometimes a film just has to entertain as long as it lasts. And in this case there is more to enjoy than to dislike. Actually there was very little I disliked. Besides beautiful women kicking ass the way they do here never gets tiring. So yes definitely worth your time if you are a fan of the girls with guns genre.

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