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Review The Rookie (1990): Immensely flawed but fun buddy cop movie!

genre: action, crime, comedy

The Rookie is one of my Clint Eastwood favourites. As in I revisit this quite often from time to time. I wouldn't classify this as a classic since the pacing at times is problematic. However there are some elements to it that do make it worth your while.

The Rookie is about Nick Pulovski (played by Clint Eastwood) who gets teamed up with a young cop named David Ackerman played by Charlie Sheen. Nick is not really that happy with it since he is in the middle of a case that requires his full attention and has no time to babysit the rookie. Rookie cop David seems to be quite green but he is very adamant to prove himself. The big case involves Raul Julia and Sônia Braga as the villains. They both are just wacky enough to make them compelling. However in hindsight they easily could have been played by other actors and it would not have made much of a difference. The real draw are the dynamics between Clint and Charlie. It is real fun to watch Charlie's character grow in to a fully fledged hard boiled cop who deserves everyone's respect. 

That being said I do think they dropped the ball on deepening the characters. They just barely have character flaws. I mean Clint Eastwood basically plays the same type of cop he always has been playing. Although there is one gimmick that makes is very lovable. Every time he tries to smoke a cigarette he never can find someone or something to light his cigarette. You can't help but feel sorry for him since he often is found in very stressful situations. They did a slightly better job with Charlie Sheen's character. Still it would have been nice had he been a little more stuck up, flawed and being a major pain the ass. 

Action wise The Rookie is very enjoyable but don't expect any real surprises. Like I said the pacing is problematic in times. With that I mean there are some moments where the film slows down a little too much. These slower scenes needed either more action or substance. Overall though The Rookie is a lot of fun to watch from start to end. 

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