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Review Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (2019): Kevin Smith doesn't know how to make movies anymore!

genre: comedy

There was a time Kevin Smith made good movies. Or at least films that were genuine and funny. Unfortunately he doesn't seem to care anymore!

Some reviewers said that Jay and Silent Bob Reboot was what Avengers: Endgame was for the Avengers. Or that this was Kevin's Smith best film till date. Honestly those statements are incredibly shocking as this film is easily one of the the worst films ever made. It tries real hard to be witty and kind of revisit the older films Kevin Smith has made. Only it's done so lazily I can't even fathom why some of the famous names bothered. Kevin Smith himself admitted he used his heart attack to guilt trip  most of them. Normally that would be funny but in hindsight it might actually be true. I can't imagine any other reason why anyone would want to be part of this project. 

So what exactly is the problem? Well, the premise itself was one of promise. Jay and Silent Bob would go on the road again and would meet up with older friends. Hell, I would not have minded had Kevin Smith reused scenes from older films and add a twist to them. But of course that actually would have required some effort. Instead we just get scenes with the older friends have a dialogue with Jay and Silent Bob where they are reminiscing about older times. Now this could have worked had those scenes be funny. And this is what disappointed me the most. Apart from a few scenes this film didn't deliver the laughs. Sure there are one or two scenes that did feel genuine and were full of heart. But do those scenes make it worth to sit through it all? Not by a long shot!

The last Kevin Smith film I had seen was Yoga Hosers. And I thought that was the worst film he had made. I was wrong. This last one easily is even worse. So avoid at all costs. It's going to be a major waste of time.

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