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Review Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (2019): Freaking terrible!

genre: action, adventure

The Fast and Furious franchise has evolved. Before this spin off it was quite grand as even when things got super ridiculous it had something to keep it grounded and fun. Apparently they literally don't care about that any more and they went full bonkers. And not in a good way!

I don't even know where to start with this one. The trailer was crazy but fun. The film itself is insane but devoid of anything I could find enjoyment in. Apart from a few moments I stared at my big screen with utter astonishment of how bad everything was. Didn't I know this was going to be bad? Of course I knew. I wholeheartedly embraced that fact since it was one of the things that made it more appealing. A blockbuster film filled with good action and spectacle that didn't take itself too seriously. And Statham and The Rock already had proven to be a good match. So what went wrong? 

Almost everything you can think of. Let's start with the biggest flaw. The action. It's big, spectacular and stupid. How stupid? Look, I don't mind it if liberties are taken where laws of gravity and science are broken. That is all fine as long as it makes some sense in this world. The world that is depicted is not the same as the one of the previous films in the franchise. With that I mean Earth. This must be Earth 2 or some other alternate reality. Again, yes I was prepared for bad action. Like I said it was something I was embracing. However bad action does need to be exciting or entertaining. And only in one scene they managed that, very late in the film, very briefly. For example the bits where both Statham and The Rock are engaged into hand and hand combat are choreographed in a way where the action is so slowed down that it doesn't even make sense for the thugs to wait their turn. Most of the goons literally wait to be punched or kicked. David Leitch directed Deadpool 2 and co-directed John Wick for god's sake. The action in those films is excellent. So what the hell happened to Leitch?

The other flaw is that the one thing they sold us on was not present. The whole reason this film was even made was the fact that Hobbs and Shaw had some amazing chemistry. Their dynamics alone should have worked for me. Only there was nothing left of the fireworks between them. Almost every encounter between them was laughable and unfunny. I mean if most of the laughs have to come from the glorified cameo's in the film you know something is wrong. But even one of those cameo's is annoying. And that is saying something because I usually like him when being comedic.

I am not even going to waste more words on this. It's freaking terrible. Avoid this at all costs.

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