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Review Avengers: Endgame (2019): Good conclusion!

genre: comic book adaptation, super hero, action, adventure. science fiction

Avengers: Infinity War delivered even if not entirely of what I had hoped. In hindsight that would be a very difficult task to do well. So I get how scaling down events was needed. But it did end on a quite rather sad and devastating note. Thanos succeeded into accomplishing his goal which was to eliminate half of the universe. What can our remaining heroes do to reverse this tragedy?

Before we get to the solution Endgame shows us the impact and aftermath of the tragic events of Infinity War. I think was very necessary since it is quite disconcerting suddenly to have all the people you knew and love to be gone. How can one move on from that? It was nice to see how even the toughest of superheroes were struggling. If it were up to me they could have shown us a whole lot more. But I understand that it would get in the way of the resolve. Although a deeper exposure to the grief and pain would have been so much more cathartic. 

I am not going to spoil how the heroes manage to undo what Thanos had inflicted upon the universe. But it involves a plot device that seems very logical and obvious. However it also gave Marvel the chance to revisit certain events that occurred in previous films. This wasn't just fan service. It also was to give some of our heroes the closure they needed and deserved. They take their time to really start up the epic battle but when in effect every step has impact. Especially the pivotal one. You know once you witness it. It's nothing short of glorious, rewarding and very emotional. It breaks my heart when someone I respect as a film maker like Martin Scorsese to brand these films as nothing as amusement park rides without significance and emotional impact. Sure these Marvel films are far from perfect and definitely favour the thrills over substance. But they still have some substance. Remember the scene when Loki tried to conquer Earth and it''s people and one man refused. A holocaust survivor who already had been trough this ordeal in the past. Who was there to voice and express the resistance? Captain America. Through these heroes we create hope and optimism. So yes, Martin I am afraid that you don't know enough about these films to classify them as non cinema. 

Sorry for my little distraction and rant. But I can't stand it when people are too judgmental about something they don't know the first thing about. In any case Avengers: Endgame gives us a good conclusion to Infinity War and marks a new way and path for future films. With the X-Men and Fantastic Four back with Marvel we probably will get much closer to the source material than ever. I for one am very much looking forward to it.

If you still have to ask. Of course this is a must watch!

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