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Review The Lego Ninjago Movie: Jackie Chan steals the show!

genre: animation, comedy, action, adventure

The Lego Ninjago Movie is considered to be the weakest of the franchise since all it does is retreading old grounds. It certainly is predictable. But is it bad?

I think it's entertaining and funny. Especially when Jackie Chan is involved. If it weren't for him this would definitely be generic and bland. I don't know if it was Jackie Chan himself or some of the writers came up with it themselves. But I for one very much appreciated how much this animated film was parodying and / or tributing older martial arts films. The one where the pupils have to find their inner powers but aren't told how to achieve this. Jackie Chan puts it on real thick. In his own films he usually played the pupil. However since Jackie Chan has gotten pretty old he now is more suited to play the master. And he plays him like the ones he encountered in his own films like for example The Drunken Master. " If I was gonna die, it would be to teach you a lesson". Implying that Master Wu is unbeatable and god like. Very much in the same vein as the old masters from the many Kung Fu films that have been produced since the seventies. As a fan of this genre I was really loving it. I doubt though that non fans would be able to appreciate this level of brilliance. 

Dave Franco as Lloyd is basically like the Robin character in the Lego Batman Movie. He is trying real hard to connect to his father but for some reason fails to do so. While it wasn't annoying or bothersome it did feel quite unoriginal. Why rehash this specific story line? They should have stuck with Master Wu training these teens and allowing him to insult them for ther inadequacies as they did in every martial arts film where masters train their pupils. 

Overall a quite enjoyable film, but could have been far better.

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