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Review Child's Play (2019): Unnecessary reboot!

genre: horror

When it got announced that a reboot was coming without original creator Don Mancini and Brad Dourif (original voice Chucky) involved I was pretty skeptical. I mean those two are the ones who made the franchise popular and successful. The original franchise BTW is still in full effect since two sequels have come out not that long ago. Plus a TV Show is currently in production. So why then the powers that be thought it wise to do this reboot is a mystery.

In a way I am glad this reboot has been made. Because it emphasizes and confirms how much better the original is. Not that I didn't enjoy it however all the time I kept thinking  how much more fun it would have been if Brad Dourif had reprised his role as the evil doll. Nothing against Mark Hamill. He did a fine job. However Brad Dourif was and is better as the evil entity. One also can't beat the original premise. The Chucky doll never was evil. I mean he was even called a Good Guy doll. Chucky became evil because the soul of serial killer Charles Lee Ray was transferred into one out of necessity. He didn't want to terrorize Andy for the fun of it. But he needed him to make him immortal as he originally had intended by having his soul transferred to Andy. In the reboot they changed all of this. Chucky is basically a high tech doll set to no rules mode which frees him to go fully evil. In essence Chucky is a highly functioning A.I. who wants to be Andy's only best friend. While it is fun to watch Chucky go super dark it's not really that scary or creepy. Say what you want about the original Chucky. But he was unpredictable and far more intelligent. He rarely exposed himself. He made sure that Andy himself was more likely to be implicated than someone else. In the reboot this frame job is unbelievable and stupid. Also it takes very little to make Chucky go ballistic. The original took it's time to even make you doubt whether all you see is real or not.

To be fair I found myself rooting for Chucky again because if you think about it he just wanted to be Andy's friend. I would argue that had Andy actually taken more time and patience to teach Chucky about right and wrong Chucky might not have had murderous intentions. It's also weird how the society in this world aren't even the tiniest bit curious and critical about these high tech dolls. Apparently they have capabilities to control many appliances. Why would you as a consumer allow that? Especially if it takes very little for these dolls to go bad. It is very amusing to watch how hard it is for people to deal with the A.I. gone bad. So in that regard reboot Child's Play has some merit.

Compared to the original though it simply is far too lacking to give you the true horror goodness. Blood and gore is nice and all but that doesn't equal terror and dread. 

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