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RevIew The Courier (2019): No fun at all!

genre: crime, action, thriller

The Courier is a C film through and through. I was very aware of this fact. However I had hope due to the little action resurgence the John Wick franchise had inspired other film makers to follow and adapt and at least deliver on the action front. Already with the introduction my hope was crushed.

To say that this film is bad is an understatement. But often bad films can be a lot of fun. The Courier is anything but. There was so much promise with Olga Kurylenko as the courier. I am sure if she was trained properly she really could have convinced us she can kick ass. But even then the choreography was bad. Plus there was no style to it. None of the action was exciting or extraordinary. And absolutely nothing inventive was done with the premise. I mean you have two people locked in a building with a large group of deadly mercenaries. That alone should have created some tension. Somehow you never fear for Olga and Amit Shah. Not that Olga is trying. She next to Amit are the only one actually trying to make it worth your while. But everyone else including Gary Oldman are downright embarrassing. Michael Caine at least would have hammed it up big time for our amusement. But Oldman can't be bothered. 

However even if the whole cast would give it their best, the story, direction and editing would have had to improve significantly. As far as I am concerned director Zackary Adler is a pretentious hack who thinks he is brilliant without anything to show for it. I mean even with my super low expectations he managed to disappoint me. That is an accomplishment in itself. 

Don't even bother, this is an immense waste of your time.

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