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Review Olympus Has Fallen (2013): Gerard Butler can do no wrong!

genre: action, thriller

A Die Hard type like movie with Gerard Butler as the lead that can't be bad can it? Wrong! While Gerard Butler does what he can to save the stupendous plot his actions are undermined by the total ridiculousness of this movie. Ok let me backup for a minute. If you expect logic and a tight plot that is thrilling and full of surprise then better skip this one. But if you can overlook all of this then you will be able to enjoy it so much more. Gerard Butler can do no wrong in my eyes which he does prove over and over again. Surprisingly Olympus has fallen had a semi interesting start where a lot of depth and drama could have provided more dynamic and explosive interactions between important characters. However nothing really is done with the premise other than to put Gerard at the scene. Did they really need twenty minutes or so to do that? The action in itself is entertaining but don't expect much style to it. I saw in a review that someone said this was what A Good Day to Die Hard (2013) could have been. Yeah, trust me on this that while the Bruce Willis vehicle was a little disappointing compared to the original it is hands down better than Olympus. Especially because Bruce Willis doesn't take it seriously at all and the action was far more exciting. Also one might think that with Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman around the movie has more to offer than it does. It is puzzling why they are here. Not only are they underused. They barely add to the enjoyment of the viewing experience. The same goes for Antoine Fuqua. He used to have an eye for style but I guess he was too much focused on explosions to add a little visual flair to it all. In short, watch this one for Gerard and the action and keep your expectations low! (Mrs. P. agrees! *

*For people who are wondering who Mrs. P.  is all you have to know for now that she is an authority in many fields. One of them is cinema. From time to time I will turn to her to get a female perspective on things. Plus she is a major hottie! Click here for more info.

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