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Review Forgotten a.k.a. Gi-eok-ui bam (2017): Incredible mystery! (SPOILER FREE)

genre: mystery, thriller

Forgotten is a good example of what you still can do with an old genre especially when embracing old tropes. Find out what I mean with that!

Forgotten very much starts with the good old buildup of a premise that at first glance may seem entirely predictable. However even if you have a good guess you won't be able to predict what really is going on. Granted a lot of the elements are pretty far fetched. It therefore does ask of you to go with it. Which in all honesty is not that hard to do since events are incredibly compelling and engaging right from the start. The film is at it's best when it plays around with expectations. It twists and turns in ways that will put you on the edge of your seat until certain things are revealed. 

After the main reveal however the film remains to be suspenseful although in a different way. And even manages to put everything upside down. This doesn't mean the film is without flaws. Actually it's filled with them. There is enough to critique about especially if you are a stickler for rules of science, logic and common sense. Then again within the film's logic most events do seem plausible. Because on top of the thriller and mystery elements has a dramatic and social economic component to it. Not that it exposes new territory. But through the identifiable characters the otherwise distant issues seem to have more impact. I do have to state that the two main characters (played by Kang Ha-neulare and  Kim Mu-yeol) are the ones who sell the film. They not only give their characters depth. They also have more sides to them. Making you even more invested.

I am not going to say anymore other than that you really have to watch this as soon as possible. 

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