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Review The Promise a.k.a. Wu ji (2005): A Chinese fairytale with something extra!

genre: action, drama, fantasy

If there ever was a film that is severely underrated then it surely is this one. Even when it has been a while I have seen it I do remember the impact it had on me. For the sake of fairness I will try to watch it again as soon as possible. But for now my old review written in 2006 will have to do.

Right from the start you will notice that The Promise is an immensely beautiful fairytale. Everything worked, the music and scenery were top notch. The special effects were great. I must admit that the scene with the bulls running reminded me of the Lion King and that at that moment I thought this movie would be ridiculous. Instead it was the opposite. Most of the the themes are very serious ones like love, honor and betrayal. Only the ending was a bit confusing, but I think they did that to add some extra dimension or mystery to the story. I understand why many reviewers were a bit disappointed with this as they were probably were expecting a martial arts film. Although martial arts is featured it's not the focus. 

I enjoyed every minute of The Promise and that is more than I can say about most of the Hollywood films that came out in 2005. If you can get this on Blu Ray then don't hesitate to buy it. It's one of those movies so pretty that will make you overlook all the inconsistencies plot wise. 

Edit 11-09-2019:
Just found out a possible reason why this film is not as well received as it should. Apparently, the film crew caused major environmental damage in Yunnan (and Bigu lake). Why can't people be more respectful to nature? 

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