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Review Men in Black: International (2019): Decent enough for a quiet Sunday!

genre: comedy, science fiction, action

Men in Black: International is the latest film in the franchise no one was really waiting for. But perhaps they thought it was time to start it up again and I have to admit that I had hope it was going to be good.

Unfortunately Men in Black: International is very uninspired. It basically is a reboot even when it is supposed to be a spin off without actually having any of the former characters unless you include the frog kinda like aliens. What it also lacks is it's own identity and creativity. That latter is unforgivable. After three films you should have been able to do something new or fresh. I mean it's science fiction. So many things you could have done. However the writers couldn't be bothered. Especially in the comedy department. A lot of jokes simply aren't funny. Although the ones involving Pawny are hilarious. But that is because he is voiced by Kumail Nanjiani who is the only one having a good idea what MIB: International should have been.

The special effects are good. But there is nothing truly memorable or remarkable about them. After all this time they could have showed something that would be eye popping right? The cast is good as well. But most of them are on autopilot. Even Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson continue the banter they started in Thor: Ragnarok. It's serviceable. The story however is pretty similar to the parts before. It's so predictable. Like I couldn't guess the twist. That was sarcasm in case you missed it.

Overall Men in Black: International proves what most of us already knew. It's nothing special. Decent enough for a quiet Sunday. But not a must watch or must own. If skipped you won't miss out on anything. Usually that says it all.

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